You Say Potato Scallop, I Say Potato Cake

The great Australian potato scallop. More popularly referred to as the potato cake in the southern states. There must be some kind of psychosomatic link between feeling the refreshing tingle of salt spray on the skin, and an irrepressible urge to get salt under the skin. Fish and chips aside, nothing screams Aussie seaside satisfaction like the beloved potato scallop.

The potato scallop is but the transportable clutchable heartwarming carbohydrate. Take a 5mm disc of potato, dust gracefully with flour, coat with a light batter and deep fry until golden. Sprinkle generously with salt and then crunch your way through its crisp overcoat to reveal its soft but firm starchy interior. 

You'd be needing something sweet after that mate, to give your stomach a bit of closure, you know. How's about an ice cold bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

I tried my first authentic potato scallop two years ago on road trip down to Kiama, New South Wales. A popular beachside town about 120km south of Sydney.  Though they're best consumed sitting on soft sand, salt spray prickling your skin, wind whipping your hair and the screech of seagulls and crashing waves filling your ears, it felt refreshing to see traditional fish-and-chip shops and local takeaways in Australia.